The key to a flavorful dish (besides the seasoning) is the sauce!  A good sauce can tranform a simple dish to restaurant quality!  Take home a pint of one of our favorites!


Nana's Marinara- The base of a unlimited number of Mediterranean pastas dishes, soups and vegetable preparations. Tomatoes, olive oil, caramelized vegetables, red wine, garlic fresh herbs and spices. Gluten Free

Espagnole Sauce-The fifth mother sauce of French cuisine. Also referred to as Demi glaze or brown sauce. It's what completes your beef recipes. Rich beef stock, tomato, red wine, fresh herbs & spices. Gluten Free

Parmesan Cream Sauce- Parmesan makes this Béchamel sauce made even more delicious! Garlic, nutmeg, white pepper, butter and sweet rice flour for our thickener makes it gluten free!

Chicken Supreme Sauce- Adding cream to a classic chicken volute is the only way we make it. Fresh herbs, rich chicken stock, spices & cream thickened with sweet rice flour to keep it gluten free. It is the base for cream of anything soup and the perfect gravy!




Season's Mother Sauces

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