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  After spending over 25 years in the restaurant industry, including 19 years at McCormick & Schmick’s as executive chef and general manager, “Chef Greg” ventured out on his own. His first individual culinary endeavor was Flavors catering. Operating out of his small converted garage he catered concerts, weddings, events, parties, etc., often for hundreds or thousands of people.


  Chef Greg’s next foray in catering was a stand at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market serving waffles, sandwiches, salads & soups.  He calls this his first little restaurant. The soups were a hit and he soon earned the title of Intergalactic Soup Jedi. The success at the market plus a successful catering company sealed the deal. Chef Greg needed a restaurant. 


  On a shoestring budget and a lot of hard work Seasons & Regions Seafood Grill opened in January 2001 during a down economy at a location that had hosted several business failures. Despite the obstacles, the neighborhood positively responded to Chef Greg’s food prepared with fresh NW seasonal ingredients, in preparations from different regions around the world.


  With the success of the restaurant Chef Greg moved to the next phase of providing interesting and seasonal ingredients for the restaurant.  He became a farmer.


  In 2009, Chef Greg and his wife “Farmer Wanda” moved to a 14 acre farm on a ridge top in Estacada, OR.  The mission of Heirloom Ridge Farm is to provide the restaurant with unique local produce that isn’t easily found in stores.  Chef Greg & Farmer Wanda grow Heirloom varietals, which are seeds that haven’t been genetically changed from the original plant in many years. The difference in flavor is very apparent especially when it comes to tomatoes. That is why they typically grow over 6,000 heirloom tomato plants each year.  In most farm-to-table restaurants the chef has a relationship with the farmer; in our case, the chef is the farmer! 



Chef Greg 2010
Chef Greg 1978

  Throughout the first 20 years, Chef Greg & the Seasons and Regions staff has dedicated itself to providing great food at a great value in a comfortable atmosphere and hope to continue to provide that to our loyal guests, in this wonderful neighborhood for many years to come.  

 Chef Greg's Story
aka The Soup Jedi

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